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Information Security Policy

October 1, 2014
Representative director Toshiyuki Sato

Information assets (information and information system) are assets which it is the source to bring about profit in network system construction duties that are the main duties and our business activities to accompany it and are the most important for us.
In addition, we think that it is social duty to prevent information security accident.

We handle information assets precisely and safely to protect information assets from menace in information security and realize information security along corporate strategy and want to meet trust of customer.

1. We set the following security purposes and carry out measures to achieve this purpose surely.
2. Construction, operation does information security management system (ISMS) appropriately by our expressing intention of the administration about our approach for information security, and making main action guideline based on it clear and acts for secrecy, integrity of important information assets, security of availability and finds the effectiveness continuously.
3. We set up information security Committee with information security administrator for administration of ISMS.
4. We establish safety measures manual about risk assessment to keep standard that can receive risk of all important information assets to handle and take appropriate risk measures based on risk assessment.
5. We observe in deference to contract with customer and laws and ordinances or contract requirements.
6. We carry out education for all employees for maintenance improvement of ISMS continuously.
7. We review the above-mentioned activity continuously, and we try for improvement.