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Network /PBX consulting

We carry out investigation into current situation facilities of customer and carry out cost cut suggestion and suggestion of new system free.
While low price of network line advances,
Reduction of telephone bill and maintenance costs by introduction of IP-PBX and SIP server. nado, please feel free to contact.

IP phone line contract representation

IP phone line of each communications carrier accepts consulting. 
Please feel free to contact about analog participation telephone and applications of ISDN lines.

Handling carrier: KDDI light direct
Tohoku Intelligent Telecommunication talk net light
NTT East Japan Hikari telephone office

Communication facilities construction for restaurants

We undertake facilities construction for restaurants in the suburbs of Sendai-shi and Sendai-shi.
Please feel free to contact on-line karaoke contract or free WiFi/ phone line installation / air-conditioner construction.

Handling vendor: USEN
NTT Docomo

Communication facilities construction for apartment / apartments

We undertake facilities construction of apartment / apartment in the suburbs of Sendai-shi and Sendai-shi.
Please feel free to contact offer of free Internet /WiFi to resident or setting of security camera.

kasuperusuki company virus measures software sale

We become registration partner of kasuperusuki company.
We license from product for enterprise to product for consumers and sell.

Lenovo Japan product sale

We become sale partner of Lenovo Japan company.
Please feel free to contact desktop PC or notebook PC.

Provider line contract representation

"Talk net" accepts provider line contract representation of "KDDI". 
Other than email hosting, domain opening, please feel free to contact, too.

Glass processing memorial work making

Glass processes photograph data of your digital camera and cell-phone and does souvenir making.
Please as souvenirs such as graduation, marriage, delivery.

Trend Micro Corporation general security system sale

We become business partner of Trend Micro Corporation.
Solution other than virusbuster for clouds
It deals with various security solutions.

Microsoft Surface sale

We join Device Value Added Reseller (D-VAR) and perform Surface sale of Microsoft.

We work on consulting of Japan Tourism Agency accommodations support project for inbound

We support wireless WiFi introduction to hotel, inn. 
We accept support such as grant application documents to Japan Tourism Agency.