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Network solution

・Large-scale network construction support for SIer
・Network design, construction, maintenance for private enterprise
・Network design, construction, maintenance for government offices, self-government terms

We offer total solution from konfigu setting to LAN wiring work to router / switch / radio LAN/UTM.

Handling vendor: Cisco systems
Juniper Networks
NEC/NEC platforms
Allied Telesis

IP telephony solution

・Large-scale PBX, business phone construction support for vendor states
・PBX, business phone design, construction, maintenance for private enterprise
・PBX, business phone design, construction, maintenance for government offices, self-government terms

We accept construction of telephone exchange facilities mainly on product made in NEC/ Hitachi Corporation.

Handling vendor: NEC/NEC platforms
NTT East Japan
Nakayo Electronics

In late years technique that used "IP" including communication cost cut that communication environment and access technology using the Internet (IP) develop rapidly, and used high speed access and "IP telephone" from PC to the Internet raises reliability more and brings many merits.
It is expansion-related rich system which can cope with flow of "becoming IP" that "NEC UNIVERGE Aspire WX" fixed its eyes on the future while being based on convenience of telephone from before quickly.

New works tile which is created from advanced communication server for business scene innovation!

Thing necessary to raise productivity in every office, spot of every duty.
It is communication environment to be able to exchange information without stress by the always most suitable means anywhere anytime.
UNIVERGE SV9300 supports various needs carefully and builds communication system which is most suitable for each type of industry.
We fuse with IT by IP network, various means of communication seamlessly, and innovation does each person's works tile by realizing "uni-Fido communication" and supports growth of business of customer.

Mobile system solution

・Mobile (cell-phone) base station systems construction support
・Setting, construction support of network center telephone exchange facilities /SIP server
・CAD drawing making support
・Portable FMC design, construction

We perform base station new establishment, renovation for certain carriers.
We perform portable FMC service construction such as KDDI business call direct or NTT DOCOMO office link and Smart-FMC service construction to make iOS/Android terminal extension.

Handling vendor: KDDI (business call direct service)
NTT DOCOMO (office link service)
Aruba networks
Cisco systems
Forty net (old merunettowakusu)

General medical IT solution

・Nurse call systems architecture, construction, maintenance
・In-hospital PHS interlocking movement systems architecture, construction, maintenance
・Web reservation systems architecture, construction, maintenance

We accept construction of nurse call and broadcasting equipment for hospital / welfare / nursing facilities.
We make use of experience of medical cooperation systems construction in Miyagi and perform various systems construction.
We let IT technique cooperate for general medical care against a backdrop of recent low birthrate and aging,
We suggest solution most suitable for the spot.

Handling vendor: Care com
Nakayo Electronics

Security camera solution

・Network camera systems architecture, construction, maintenance 
・Analog coaxial camera systems architecture, construction, maintenance

We perform security camera systems construction for security / monitoring systems. 
For recent crime restraint, camera setting for monitoring is greatly expected. About analog camera conventional other than network camera using IP 
We suggest.

Handling vendor: Axis communications

Cloud solution

・Offer of cloud management type wireless LAN, switch security APRA Ian's
・Offer of collaboration service of cloud pace

Cisco Meraki can build L3/L2 switch by cloud management from WiFi access point, UTM (firewall).
We solve problem that is short of maintenance cost and information managers.

In addition, Cisco Spark can raise productivity of meeting by service that performed collaboration of chat, meeting, document joint ownership, whiteboard.
It supports multi-device and, other than meeting participation with PC, smartphone, can gather whiteboard projector camera microphone smartly by purchasing exclusive Spark Boad.