• We offer total solution from konfigu setting to LAN wiring work to router / switch / radio LAN/UTM.

  • We accept construction of telephone exchange facilities mainly on product made in NEC/ Hitachi Corporation.

  • We perform base station new establishment, renovation for certain carriers.

  • We accept construction of nurse call and broadcasting equipment for hospital / welfare / nursing facilities.

  • We perform security camera systems construction for security / monitoring systems.

  • We provide cloud network as Meraki, SaaS partner of Cisco company.

7COM (nanakomu)

[for reliable northeastern IT partner!]

Is power of IT to bring back Tohoku with vitality for Tohoku revival from hometown; your company
We hope to support.
Solution to be possible from application to LAN construction, phone line installation because it is the Sendai head office
We provide. Please feel free to contact.

Company name and head office address were changed from January, 2012. (old company name: lifelines)